The holidays are coming soon enough and it means that you need to be looking at the concept of picking the right kinds of gifts. If you’ve got art lovers in your life, or those who enjoy interior design, we’ve got some great ideas right here for you to enjoy giving them something that they’ll cherish!

Top gift ideas for the artistically inclined

If you’ve got an art and interior design lover that is hard to buy for, you’ll find that you need a starting point for making sure that you get them something they’ll love. This is going to be just that right spot for a great gift.
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1. Artistic pillowcases/shams:

Colourful, patterned, and fun, you can never go wrong with artistic themed pillowcases or shams, or even something like decorative lap quilts. You can imitate a style if you want or just go with something that will catch their eye.
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2. Photography and prints

You’ll also never go wrong with finding photography prints that will inspire the person you’re giving them to. These prints are crisp, clear, and still generic enough that you’ll be able to help the art lover find their own use of them.

3. Indie wall art

You can also look at something like this, which is going to blend inspiring mountain photography with quotes and overall sentiments that will make it into something unique and independent. There’s a lot to be enjoyed with this kind of design for those that really enjoy doing indie designs.

4. Lookbooks and art books

Whether they’re actual lookbooks for decor and design, or you’re instead looking at classic art books that can sit on the coffee table, there are many, many ways to customize these to the person that you’re trying to spoil. The bigger and more elaborate, the better! These also double as art and collectables.

5. Themed decor

Lastly, you’ll be able to enjoy themed decor when it comes to the overall vibe of your room. For example, going with black and white photography in a colourful room can be a great little splash of sophistication. Or, you can do the opposite. There are so many ways to really make the most out of a theme that is already there!