It’s all well and good to have the best examples of wall art in your home, but did you know that picking the right pieces is only going to be half the battle? You’ll also need to make sure that you know how to hang it all up properly so that you are enjoying the professional and impactful vibe that the right art can bring. Here are some tips to help you arrange your wall art like a total pro!

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Pick the vibe of the space.

Sometimes, you want your wall art to be a visual detail that draws the eye and energizes the person looking at it. Other times, you want to have a lazy appeal that is going to soothe the eye and relax the viewer. Understanding what you want your decor to do is going to be the first step to making sure that it actually does it! There’s no right or wrong answer to this, of course, but consider it carefully and then do some research using that theme to get a feel for what it should look like.

Going for the minimalist vibe?

Be careful: Most people that take a look at our art prints are going for the Scandinavian and minimalistic appeal. While you can do a contrast design in your art display, you’ll want to remember the importance of uniformity with minimalism. Try to use matching frames by buying multiples, or picking a very similar theme for all of them.

Get the height right

According to most experts, height is one of the hardest details to get right. You’ll want to make sure that it’s at an easy viewing height when it comes to the use of the room. For instance, in the living room, people are sitting, so the art should be lower, at the sitting eye height. In an entryway, though, people are standing. So, you’ll want to have it at a standing height. It’s all about putting the art in a logical spot for the eye to see and appreciate it.

Do a dry test first.

This is another pro tip. If you are looking to arrange art on your wall in a collage form (a great idea), use paper or cardboard to do a test fit. With painter’s tape, create exact cutouts of the shape and dimensions of your art and tape them up on the walls to see how it looks. If you hate it, move it around until you find just the right placement. It’s so much easier to do it with paper and tape first, and it means that when you put up the real artwork, there is no need to have to wiggle it this way or that way.


The thing is, hanging art is both harder than you think and easier than you think. By using these tips, you’ll take out the hard part and the stress, and give yourself the best possible advice and support to make hanging art a total breeze.

Before long, all of your loved ones will be asking you to help them hang their art, too!

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